About Me

Long Tooth Gamer is produced by Ray Cardillo.

I'm a content creator who enjoys helping older adults learn about computers, technology and gaming. I've been working with technology as long as I can remember and I have been a professional Software Engineer for over 30 years and counting. I particularly enjoy helping senior adults embrace technology.

My Vlog

This vlog is a companion to my corresponding Long Tooth Gamer YouTube channel, which focuses on helping older adults learn to embrace and enjoy computers, technology, and gaming.

Custom Texture Nodons with Seeeduino XIAO


Create custom image Texture Nodons in Game Builder Garage with a Seeeduino XIAO. Once you get setup, it’s so easy and painless to unleash more creativity with your creations. Use it for: character skins, custom game objects, photo images, and more. It’s also a great workaround to avoid Number and...

How to Use TouchScreen with Damaged Skin?


If you’re having problems with touch input because of skin conditions, calluses, cuts, cracked skin, or even band-aids, these solutions are just what you need. I simulate a “Zombie Finger” so I can explain what’s going on and then demonstrate a few ways to solve it. These solutions work with...

Confused by Game Lingo? Start Here.


If you’re confused by some terms used in Gaming or Gaming Chat, this series will help you learn more. Whether you’re new to gaming, or you’ve been around for a while but still have questions, I will define some of the most common terms, answer questions, and try to give...